Cases in Comparative Government and Politics

by John McCormick

Praise for the Book

Sets a new standard for accessibility and engagement in introductory comparative texts. As a lecturer in Comparative Politics, I think John McCormick’s book should be the go-to guide for every student hoping to gain a better understanding of the political world in which we live.Zachary Taylor, University of Wyoming, USA
This text offers an excellent introduction to the diversity and breadth of today’s comparative politics. Up to date, clearly written and engagingly presented, the country case studies all closely follow the same clear structure, helping students to think comparatively.Nicolas van de Walle, Cornell University, USA
Cases in Comparative Politics provides a great balance between highlighting important conceptual themes central to comparative study, and introducing students to the wide empirical variety of political systems around the world. The accessible, systematic case studies provide a great basis for an introductory comparative politics course.Lucy Barnes, University College London (UCL), UK
One of the most effective and brilliant case-based texts, it explores the political landscape behind twelve diverse countries, shining a light upon the political dynamics that are so crucial to understanding comparative politics.Daniel Zirker, University of Waikato, New Zealand
This textbook emphasizes the parts of the course that students always find the most exciting: the cases! Conceptual elements are introduced in the opening chapters and then illustrated by reality, demonstrating that comparative politics is best understood through the actual art of comparison.Tracy Slagter, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA
The author brings the discipline to life, writing with clarity, precision and authority.- Elizabeth Monaghan, University of Hull, UK